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The LIGO Scientific Collaboration research group at Tsinghua University is led by Prof. Junwei Cao. The group is mainly focused on gravitational wave data analysis using advanced computing technologies.

recent news

LVC September meeting at Hannover

Fan Zhang and Eric O. Lebigot attend the LVC September meeting held during September 23-27, 2013 at Hannover, Germany. This is the location of GEO600 and Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert-Einstein-Institute). (9/28/2013)

Junwei Cao's MIT visit

Junwei Cao visited MIT/LIGO at Boston during September 13-18 and talked with Erik Katsavounidis on future collaboration on LIGO@Cloud and AuxMVC research. Fan Zhang is also currently visiting MIT/LIGO. (9/19/2013)

AuxMVC paper accepted by PRD

Ye Tao, Eric O. Lebigot, Xiaoge Wang and Junwei Cao participated in the work on application of machine learning algorithms to the study of noise artifacts in gravitational-wave data. This is a joint work with UTB, NASA, MIT, Caltech, and Korea team. (9/1/2013)

LSC paper appeared in Nature Photonics

The LSC paper, titled Enhanced Sensitivity of the LIGO Gravitational Wave Detector by using Squeezed States of Light, appeared in the July issue of Nature Photonics. (8/1/2013)

Gravitational Waves
Graphic courtesy / LIGO
Gravitational Waves

LIGO Hanford Observatory
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LIGO Hanford

LIGO Livingston Observatory
Photo courtesy / LIGO
LIGO Livingston

beijing workshop
beijing workshop



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